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Learn about Louisiana's Green Economy!

The page provides an overview of what we have achieved in our study of Louisiana's Green Economy. The information here could help large investment stakeholders on the various industries that are going green Each of the 22 industry profiles provide industry wide projections in job growth. Also included are occupational projections, summary of our findings of employers across Louisiana, policies that help build the green economy of the state, Research and development efforts by Louisiana's top Universities and institutes and studies of the impact of coastal restoration and stimulus spending in Louisiana.
collapse 1. Survey Report ‎(2)
The report provides an indepth baseline analysis of the Louisiana Green jobs survey.
This report provides an overview and description of the Louisiana Green Jobs Project.
collapse 2. Industry Profile Reports ‎(22)
Trends in the food industry like organic farming, sustainable agriculture and lower carbon footprints are outlined in the Goods and Services sector of the Green economy.
Trends in the Administrative and Waste Management services like converting waste into sources of energy and decreasing carbon footprint of the industry.
Discusses technology adoption in precision agriculture tools, methane digestors in animal production, certification in sustainable wood, organic agriculture products and seafood. 
Trends in changing sustainable practices in the sector are presented including adopting renewable natural resources and increasing energy efficiancy
Illustrates the green building standards being used in the state that lower the environmental footprint of the built environment. Also provides an overview of coastal restoration projects and a look at steps taken by the sector to make their practices and job sites less harmful to the environment.
Presents technological advances made at universities and being implemented commercially in the Green industry sectors.  Technical skills and training provided by community colleges and technical schools are also reviewed.
Presents environmental efficiancies and green business practices being followed that help in developing sustainability plans.
Explores improvements in the environmental performance of the sector and its role to better discern the link between health and the surrounding environment. Also reviews impacts on community health through partnership and education
Features ways that this sector is altering its business practices to have a smaller environmental footprint. Also reviews contributions of diverse businesses in the sector to promote environmental problems faced and ecological assets in Louisiana.
Business practices that reduce Green House Gas Emmission and provide education, compliance, public awareness and training that help the environment.
Presents contributions of the sector that improve the environment and conserve resources at regional and national markets. The sectors innovation of new sources for advanced biofuels from what was formerly considered to be a waste product are discussed.
Presents contributions of the sector that improve the environment and conserve resources at regional and national markets. The sectors innovation of new sources for advanced biofuels from what was formerly considered to be a waste product are discussed.
Emphasis is made on the Blue Ocean Stratergies Initiative and the "eco-innovations" standards developed by this industry.
Changing energy needs of the economy and regulations governing exploration, extraction and abatement technologies for this sector are discussed
Impacts of advocacy agencies in promoting environmentally beneficial policies and by increasing attention and scrutiny of an industry’s business practices are illustrated among other services provided by this sector
The report illustrates how specialized human capital in this sector help improve production processes and reduce environmental footprint in other sectors of the economy. Scientific assistance given by the sector to investigate green technologies. for other sectors is also discussed.
Public Admin.jpg
Highlights the various Federal and State departments that are involved in policy initiatives promoting the Green economy. State agencies in Louisiana charged with coordinating, researching, planning, and implementing coastal protection and restoration projects are summarized. Overview of public policies that augment tax incentives to new green technologies and benefit the environment are presented. 
Changes in Business practices adopted by the sector to decrease their environmental impact are also discussed.
Illustrates how this sector is developing standards and in-house products that promote sustainable green activity.
Illustrates solutions to challenges posed by the environmental effects of this sector that provides a crucial link in the supply chain from manufacturers to final consumers by implementing standards and adopting new technologies that increase energy efficiancies, and decrease carbon footprint.
illustrates programs and standards implemented for more sustainable business practices.
Channels that wholesale trade provide for green goods to move from manufacturing to retail sectors of Louisiana's economy.
collapse 3. Economic Impact Analysis ‎(1)
Seeks to measure how investments in protecting and restoring Louisiana’s coastline have added value to the Louisiana economy and created jobs, wages and output.
collapse 4. Projections ‎(2)
Presents Green Industry and Occupational Projections for Louisiana through 2020. Key findings include green jobs to grow at a rate faster than the rest of the economy across most industries.
Provides information of the future trends of Louisiana's Green Industries. Outlook of occupations in the Green Economy are presented. Forecasts 2010 - 2020 are presented in the report. Customized staffing patterns for primary green occupations are discussed.
collapse 5. Other Reports ‎(1)
Provides an overview of research and technologies, in academia and the private sector, that help the environment and possesses the potential for commercialization in Louisiana. Also discusses the infrastructure development that helps produce innovative research.
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